Friday, 20 January 2012

3 SEO Tips For 2012

With every new year, there is the hope for more success and brighter horizons. In 2012, bring this attitude towards your SEO efforts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical aspect of your Internet marketing strategy. How can you make sure that the biggest audience possible is seeing your website? There are plenty of ideologies and bits of advice out there, but here are three truths that you can hang your hat on.

Content Is Number One

Google absolutely loves original content. Social Media Examiner noted that, “In 2012, if businesses want to compete effectively for consumer attention, they will need to engage with tailored, customer-focused and relevant content in order to differentiate themselves from the noisy brand broadcasters.”

Creating high-quality content outweighs creating a large volume of poor content. Certainly have an SEO expert on your team who knows how to add SEO-friendly components, but make sure you are writing for people. They are the ones engaging with your company, and ultimately, they are the ones buying your products or services.

Incorporate Social Media

Having an effective and influential social media platform can increase the traffic to your site and boost SEO. Sharing your original content through your social networks, namely Facebook, Twitter and Google+, is a practice your company should certainly be engaging in.

A post from gave a specific example of how this works. “Facebook allows you to make your pages more social media friendly by optimizing your titles and Meta tags by using Facebook Open Graph. When one of your friends shares one of your web pages, this automatically improves the conversion rate of your website.”

It has been reported that Google is putting more emphasis on Google+ when doing its crawl. Make sure your company has a Google+ page. Figures differ, but Google has roughly 75-80% of the search activity on the Internet. Make them happy.

Additionally, include back links to your site through your social networks.

Be Mobile Friendly

An article on Socialnomics from mid-2011 has some impressive stats regarding smartphones. The average American spends nearly three hours “socializing” on their smartphone daily, whether that be through text, social media, instant messaging, or other media. There are well over one billion smartphones in use, and that number continues to grow at a staggering pace.

Numbers do not lie, my friends. And those numbers are certainly motivating. With statistics that substantial, it is imperative for your company to have a professional, mobile presence. Don’t lose traffic because your site takes too long to load on a phone or isn’t mobile-optimized.

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